Objectives and requirements

The objectives

For the students, this two-month immersion in a foreign company meets a triple goal:
- a concrete experience of taking part in the sales operations of the company;
- a development of their trade know-how thanks to integration into another culture;
- an opportunity to use one or several foreign languages in a business environment.

These three aspects will be appraised when the students take their final exam.

Moreover, the personal dimension is equally paramount: curiosity, the wish to discover and get to know another country and other ways of life are strong motivations.

What companies are required?

The students are in charge of researching for the firm that will welcome them. Yet, the school gives them advice and support.

Any firm in a non-French-speaking country

The chosen country generally corresponds to the language skills of the student, apart from French. English is always spoken, as well as another language, usually Spanish or German.

Some students rely on their relatives or acquaintances abroad, but many prefer to take advantage of this experience to discover a new culture, and prefer to leave for “terra incognita”

Any company with sales operations

The experience and the plans of the student will determine his/her choice. If the activity of the firm is quite new for him/her, he/she will do his/her best, before he/she leaves France, to gather information about its products or services and the French market for those.

In the past years, very enriching placements took place in all sorts of fields: industry, agri-food, sales and services activities; exporting, exporting or even domestic firms (but an international dimension of the activity is a plus).

Any firm wishing to expand its clientele on its national or export market

The first-year training that our students get in international marketing, focuses on market research, business development as well as follow-up of customers, plus in-depth training in Information Technologies and sales communication. So our students have acquired skills enabling them to participate efficiently in business development operations.

To meet his/her objectives, the student should take part, as soon as possible, in the activities of the marketing or sales department. He should participate in:
- selecting new customers
- searching for information on the target market
- organising and follow-up of business development
- preparing exhibitions and sales missions
- updating sales documents
- managing relations with the sales network.

The company can take advantage of the student’s knowledge of French to direct operations to French-speaking markets.

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