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United Kingdom

Perrine in London

I did my two-month work placement in London in a fashion agency of ready-to-wear and wedding dresses. It is a small structure managed by two very welcoming people. I was in charge of finding possible customers for the “White Gallery” Exhibition, the show of wedding dresses I had the opportunity to participate in. It was a very pleasant and enriching experience. London is a fantastic city, animated, cosmopolitan, open to all cultures. It enables young people in particular to meet one another and to improve their English. This placement has been very positive at any level: professional, personal, linguistic and cultural. My remembrances are unforgettable.

Maxime in Oxford

I did my work placement near Oxford, in one the subsidiaries of the Weinig Group, which is the leader on the market of machines and systems for solid wood processing. I worked on several marketing projects and participated in business development on the British market. These two months enabled me to discover what life in an industrial company is and to meet new cultures. Oxford is a town filled with students from all over the world, which gave me the opportunity to have very pleasant encounters with foreigners. So it was a very enriching working period, professionally as well as personally. It will remain one of the best remembrances of my life as a student.

His tutor: “ Maxime was generally a nice guy, and showed that he is intelligent and courteous…Overall a satisfactory internship”


Maroi in Dublin

I carried out my two-month work placement in Dublin, at Excel industries, a company specialized in the manufacturing of bathroom furniture. Thanks to the good atmosphere there and the warm welcome I received, I integrated into the firm very fast and I was soon able to communicate more easily with the employees and even on the telephone with my prospects. I was in charge of prospecting the British and French markets. It enabled me to improve my English and my working methods and thus I could apply everything I had learnt in marketing. It was a very enriching experience as well personally as professionally; I have very good memories and I wish everyone such a positive traineeship.

Her tutor: Maroi was a very pleasant young lady to have work in our company. We found her to be very co-operative and willing to undertake any task. She will be of great benefit to her future employer.


Arthur in New-York

I carried out my first-year internship in an outsourcing company, oXya. I spent one month and a half at the company’s headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux in France, and another month and a half at the New York subsidiary. I was mainly in charge of carrying out a satisfaction survey with very important clients such as TOTAL, LVMH, Go sport, Valeo. When I was in the United States, I looked for possible clients on the local market. That three-month internship was very rewarding from a professional point of view. Indeed I discovered the corporate world and I considerably improved my English. On the personal level, I have become more mature, autonomous and self-confident. That internship has been a very enriching experience and I would do it again without hesitating.

His tutor : "Arthur exceeded by far our expectations. He made great efforts to integrate with the team and improve his English. He was really professional and was able to work on his own really quickly. He even took very welcomed initiatives in his work. We had many other interns in the past years and none so far had been such a pleasure to work with."

Anna in Miami

This internship in Miami was exceptional from beginning to end. It was very rewarding from a professional as well as personal point of view i.e. I got the opportunity to be more autonomous, to take initiatives, to have responsibilities, since I was trusted and I could put into practice the prospecting strategy learnt in class. Of course I also greatly improved my oral English language. I was thrilled by all the things I discovered: town, culture, way of life, working world and especially by the kindness of the inhabitants of Miami and the employees of that company, who gave me a warm welcome That stay was also an opportunity to visit New York and Washington D.C.... It was a dream I would enjoy to live again…

Her tutor : "Anna is a wonderful worker. Very committed to the success of our company. She is a fine representative of French students."

Romain in San Francisco

SpineVision is the San Francisco subsidiary of a French company that sells instruments for spinal pathologies. During my two-month work placement I participated in different tasks: prospecting hospitals situated in Los Angeles and in Canada, updating the customer files, doing a rolling inventory… I was apprehensive but it took only a few days for me to feel comfortable within the team: they managed to make me feel trusted and gave me responsibilities very soon. We watched a baseball game together at the end of the work placement. I also encountered a great number of different nationalities, for the melting pot is rather impressive in the United States. Now I know I will be welcome at my friends’ in Japan, in Malaysia and New Zealand.

His tutor: « In his way of working Romain proved very committed and motivated by his missions. The barrier of language did exist but Romain bypassed it by integrating into the team well. The team used to think he would be useless and difficult to train but had changed opinion by the time Romain left, because his contribution was definitely a noticeable one. »


Laura in Toronto

I did my internship at A …, located in the heart of Toronto. This small company creates and sells fashion accessories: fancy jewels and leather craft. It is managed by Chinese employees so it enabled me to discover the Chinese culture and the way of working in such a company as well as the Canadian culture, both totally new for me. I got a warm welcome from wonderful people who considered me a full employee and invited me to give my opinion during meetings. I was in charge of prospecting the American market, mainly the state of Virginia and of carrying out a study on new fashion trends. I also participated in the preparation of trade shows and different tasks such as stocktaking. At a personal level I was pleasantly surprised to discover a town where different cultures melt in perfect harmony. Toronto is a young, active, and cosmopolitan town, with many attractive places to be visited to do. Moreover it is very pleasant to relax on the beaches along Lake Ontario when it gets warmer in May and June.

Her tutor : "Laura was a hard-working student who was always taking new initiatives. It was a pleasure to welcome her for her internship."


Emeline in Vietnam

I carried out my two-month work placement in Ho Chi Min City, the economic capital of Vietnam. I worked in a hotel of the ACCOR group: La Veranda Resort and Spa. The marketing team gave me a warm welcome, there was a very good atmosphere during those two months. I participated in numerous promotion tasks: mass mailing, phoning, renewing of contracts… Professionally this work placement period enabled me to realize how much work is required for different tasks and to take some responsibilities. I made real progress in English and I did not hesitate to be more outgoing and communicative. It was an opportunity to live a very welcome change of surroundings, discover a completely different culture and learn to adapt to a new pace of life. I keep wonderful memories and I do hope to live this kind of experience again!

Emeline’s tutor: She is good in general. She is dynamic and helpful, learning things with full enthusiasm. Not having any real experience yet but she seems to have a good catch-up at school with all special conditions and technical terms that normally used within industry. In any field she would choose the next training course, we wish her all the best and success.

Vincent in the Philippines

Situated in the heart of Makati, the Filipino business centre, Filtra is a Danish company that manufactures and sells kitchen accessories and outdoor furniture combining Philippine wood and Danish design. After getting to know the expanding metropolis without any foreigners I got used to the pace of an emerging country. My main task was being the assistant of a sales executive, I was in charge of the follow-up of clientele on the domestic market and of making offers on the French market. My work placement took place in a family atmosphere, which made my adaptation easier. Beyond the culture shock, this experience was a real opportunity to know myself better, become more autonomous, widen my network of professional contacts, and who knows, bring back a project to be developed in France….

Amjid in Taïpei

Set in the political, cultural and economic capital of Taiwan, Universal Trim Supply is a company specialised in the manufacturing of micro-accessories (zips, zip tabs, buttons, straps…) for clothes and sports gear. The warm welcome and the pleasant atmosphere in the company greatly facilitated my integration. The two months of work placement were dense: prospecting the American and British markets; organising the participation of UTS in the Paris Mod’amont show. I had to set personal objectives and organise my work accordingly to reach my target. What surprised me was how important work is for the Taiwanese. Although I did not really improve my English I gained autonomy and learnt to be aware of the outside world, thus I was able to communicate better. This work placement was an exceptional opportunity to discover another world: a culture of its own, beautiful landscapes and open-minded and welcoming people. To sum it up: an unforgettable experience that I advise you all to try!

Mohammed in India

My persistence in finding a work placement led me to India. At Chennai, in southern India, I spent 2 months in Metexim Technologies, a company of IT services that offers offshore design and development of software and Internet sites. I was soon posted in the Market Development department to gather a database of French prospects, translate the Website and the catalogue and the presentation of a business plan under Powerpoint. After a one-week stay in a hotel while searching for accommodation, I found a flat thanks to Madame Abraham, a teacher at l’Alliance Française in Chennai. This stay seemed too short, because the discoveries were intense, professionally as well as culturally and personally.


Marine in Sydney

PHYT’S Australia is the sole importer distributor group in Australia of the PHYT’S group, European number one of 100 % organic cosmetics. That is where I carried out my two-month work placement period. My tasks were very varied, ranging from stock-taking to prospecting as well as preparing shipments. It was a very enriching experience personally and humanly. I learnt to manage by myself, alone there down under ! Sydney is a melting pot, I met people from different nationalities who became my friends. This multicultural exchange is the best means to discover and share different cultures. Today someone expects me in the Czech Republic, someone else in China and of course I am expected to go back to the country of kangaroos !

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