In practice

Company responsibility

A work placement agreement is signed between our school, which comes under the French Ministry of Education, and the company. It ensures that the student is covered by the school for accident occurring within the company or on the way from the trainee’s accommodation.

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Students are also covered by a personal insurance against accident and illness hazards. Therefore, in most countries the company is free from all formalities.

The students themselves take the necessary steps to obtain the necessary visa, unless the local authorities impose the involvement of the firm in this procedure.


The students themselves will bear the costs of traveling, commuting, accommodation and meals. They do not have a wage-earner status, hence are not under minimum wage law.

Consequently, no compulsory contribution is expected from the welcoming companies, although they more than often choose to help the student in his/her search for accommodation and participate in his/her everyday expenses.


During the whole placement, the students keep in touch with their teachers, generally through e-mail. They send progress reports on their tasks. The person in charge of the trainee within the company will feel free to get in touch with the school if any question arises.

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